Awesome Saturn and 3 Moons on 14 March 2013

Out after midnight on March 13th/14th looking at Saturn with the 8.5″ 215mm Newtonian Reflector telescope. It was an amazing view. The air was really steady and transparent, which gave me a crisp view of Saturn at x110 and x220 magnifications. The Cassini Division in Saturn̵
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Find Saturn in the Morning Sky in March 2013

March 2013 is a great time to see Saturn in the morning sky. At the beginning of the month the ringed planet rises above the southeastern horizon by 11.30pm. It then climbs higher into the sky through the early hours reaching a maximum altitude of 25 degrees due south by 4am. As March
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See Majestic Saturn this Summer

Saturn is an awe-inspiring sight in any telescope. It is slowly drifting down towards the southwest horizon now, and will remain visible in the summer evening sky until late July / early August 2012. How to Find Saturn Look for a pair of bright ‘stars’ low down in the sout
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