Jupiter Multi Moon Shadow Events in March 2016

March 2016 sees Jupiter undergo several spectacular multi moon shadow events, when two or more shadows from Jupiter’s Galilean moons cross the face of Jupiter at the same time. For the UK and Europe the action gets underway on Tuesday 8 March 2016 with the shadows of Io and Euro
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Discover Jupiter and its Moons in April 2015

Jupiter is well-placed in the evening sky during April 2015. At dusk you’ll find the giant planet high up towards your south. To the naked eye Jupiter appears as a bright star-like object, bordering the constellations of Cancer and Leo in the spring sky. Good quality binoculars
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Jupiter Set for Double Galilean Moon Transits in March 2014

March 9th and March 16th 2014 are special dates for UK and European astronomers this month. On both evenings the planet Jupiter will host a stargazing spectacular as two of Jupiter’s moons cross in front of the planet, casting their dark shadows down onto Jupiter’s bright
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Ganymede Moon Transit across Jupiter – 28 November 2012

On the night of November 28th the Galilean moon of Ganymede made a transit pass across the face of Jupiter. Galilean moon transits are not uncommon. There are several opportunities to see the phenomenon each month that Jupiter is in the sky. But on November 28th the transit took place
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See Amazing Detail on Jupiter in the Morning Sky this Summer

Jupiter is an amazing sight in almost any sized telescope. Even with a 150mm (6″) telescope  it is easy to make out Jupiter’s main cloud belts, the Great Red Spot and other features like festoons, dark barges and giant swirls. With larger telescopes using moderate to high
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