Goodbye Cassini. Hello Saturn

On 15 September 2017 NASA’s Cassini space probe death-dived into Saturn’s atmosphere. It was a fiery exit for humankind’s most successful space mission. For thirteen years little Cassini, no larger than a removals truck, danced its way around the giant Saturnian syst
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How to Find Mars and Saturn in June 2016

Mars and Saturn are at their best in the UK evening sky during June 2016. Both planets are easy to find with the naked eye low down towards your local southern horizon. They are in fact so bright that you can see Mars and Saturn in the twilight sky before it is fully dark. Mars is fir
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See Saturn with a Telescope in August 2015

Saturn is well-placed to view through a telescope in the evening sky this August. From the UK it is easy to find. Look for a bright star-like object with the naked eye low down in the south-western part of the sky as darkness falls. Saturn shines pale yellow and is the brightest objec
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