Stargazing Experiences


At Dark Sky Telescope Hire we do more than just rent out telescopes! Our Stargazing Experience Nights give you an opportunity to explore the Universe through a large telescope with an experienced astronomer as your guide. Whether from the convenience of your back garden or from one of the UK’s top stargazing locations we will take you out on an exciting and memorable journey among the stars.

Our stargazing experience nights are run by astronomer Seb Jay. Seb has more than 25 years experience observing the night sky. If you’d like a private star party in your back garden, a stargazing tour for your birthday or wedding guests, or a whirlwind visit to some of the best sights in the night sky for a special event or school stargazing experience, Seb is your Astronomer for Hire!

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Experience the wonders of our Universe from any location in England, Wales or Scotland. We bring a telescope and our stargazing knowledge to you. Enjoy the night sky like never before from your countryside, town or city garden location. No sky is too light polluted for us to deliver our stargazing tours! Your stargazing experience will normally begin with a laser-guided tour of the stars and the constellations that we can see in the night sky on your chosen date. We will then use one of our large telescopes to take you out on a journey across the universe. Along the way you’ll be able to view star systems, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies far beyond our own in the telescope, while our astronomer gives you the background story to each view. If the moon and / or planets are visible at the time then we’ll visit them too with the telescope.

Suitability: Our Stargazing Experience Nights are suitable for individuals, couples, families, organisations and small groups throughout England, Wales and Scotland. CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE UNDER THE AGE OF 16 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A RESPONSIBLE ADULT.

Stargazing Experience Duration: We offer a choice of 1-hour and 2-hour stargazing experiences. Start times are flexible during the autumn, winter and spring. Summer stargazing can start no earlier than 10pm owing to the lingering summer twilight.

Availability: We offer stargazing experience nights throughout mainland UK.

ZONE A: Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire

ZONE B: North London, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, East Sussex, West Sussex, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Berkshire, Kent, Shropshire, West Midlands, Derbyshire, Wiltshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire

ZONE C: Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Gloucestershire, Avon, Worcestershire, Central London, South London, Dorset, Somerset, Herefordshire, Cheshire, South Yorkshire

ZONE D: South Wales, Mid Wales, North Wales, Devon, Lancashire, North Yorkshire, Cumbria

ZONE E: Cornwall, Durham, Northumberland

ZONE F: Southern Scotland

ZONE G: Northern Scotland

Price: Price is dependent on location and number of people in your group. Please contact Seb for a quote. Prices start at £125 for a 1-hour stargazing experience in Zone A.

Cloud & Rain: In the UK cloud and rain is always a threat to any stargazing event. What we advise is to choose 2 or 3 nights initially on which you’d be happy for us to run the stargazing experience. We will then monitor the weather closer to the time and make a decision in advance of travel as to whether it will be clear enough to go ahead. If it isn’t clear enough we can roll the experience forward to the next date. We can keep rolling the date forward until we hit on a clear night to run your stargazing experience.

How to Book:

To ask about our stargazing experiences, or to book a stargazing experience night please use the contact form and let us know

1 – Your preferred date (s) for your stargazing night.

2 – Location. If you would like us to suggest a suitable stargazing venue just let us know. We are happy to run the stargazing experience from your back garden, your local park or a suitable stargazing location close by.

3 – How many people the stargazing experience is for.

We’ll then come back to you with a price quotation. If you’re happy to accept the quotation we’ll book you in. 24-48 hours before your booked night we’ll assess weather prospects to see if it is likely to be clear enough to go ahead with your stargazing night. Payment can be made by cash on the stargazing evening, or at least 24 hours in advance by a bank payment, Paypal payment or a cheque.

Stargazing Experience Night Vouchers

Would you like to buy a stargazing experience as a birthday present or Christmas gift? We are happy to package a private stargazing experience as a voucher valid for 24 months. This gives the recipient plenty of time to find a date for their stargazing experience, and for us to find a clear night on which to run the experience for them. Please see our dedicated page for stargazing vouchers here – or, if you are looking to buy a stargazing experience in a specific dark sky location such as Exmoor, Brecon Beacons or the South Downs National Park please take a look at our new stargazing experiences website.