4 April 2015 Lunar Eclipse NOT Visible in the UK

On 4 April 2015 large parts of the globe will be treated to a total lunar eclipse. Sadly, for the UK and Europe, the lunar eclipse will NOT be visible on 4th April. The best place to catch the total eclipse of the moon is in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, Eastern Russia, Al
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October 2014 Total Eclipse of the Moon Not Visible from UK

On 8th October 2014 millions of people around the world get the opportunity to view a total eclipse of the moon. Best views of the eclipse are from North America and parts of South America in the morning sky ahead of sunrise, and across New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Russia in the e
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No Lunar Eclipse for the UK on 15th April 2014

A total lunar eclipse is taking place across North America, South America and the Pacific Ocean on 15th April 2014. Sadly for the UK and Europe the Moon will have set over the south-western horizon and the Sun will be rising by the time the eclipse starts. Western Iceland and the extr
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