Lynmouth 150mm 6-Inch Skywatcher Dobsonian Telescope

Telescope IDTelescope DescriptionLocationMirror SizeHire Price
Lynmouth 150mm150mm 6-inch Skywatcher DobsonianLynmouth, North Devon6" (150mm)£25 First Night. Extra Nights £10/Night

150mm 6-Inch Skywatcher Dobsonian Reflector



For address and directions visit the Lynmouth Exmoor National Park Centre page here.


The 150mm 6-Inch Skywatcher Dobsonian Telescope as shown to the right is available for hire from the Pavilion Exmoor National Park Centre in Lynmouth, North Devon off the A39 coast road.  It is available on a collect and return basis only. Hire it for one night, two nights or several nights. Hire price is £25 for the first night, then £10 per night for subsequent nights.

An ideal telescope for viewing the moon, the planets and the many hundreds of star clusters, nebulae and galaxies that can be seen from Exmoor’s dark skies, the 150mm 6-inch skywatcher will not disappoint!

Everything you need to explore the night sky is included with the telescope. We’ll give you a selection of eyepieces for different magnifications, and we’ll give you star maps and guides on what to look for in the night sky and how to find it.

The picture to right shows how the telescope is set up for observing. It is assembled from two parts, both of which are highly portable. The wooden circular base weighs about 12kg and is 53cm diameter. It will fit in the boot of most hatchbacks or saloon cars. The telescope tube itself weighs about 7kg and is about 44cm in length, so fits easily across the back seat of most cars.

Set up is very simple. The tube slots onto the base from above. Moulded side bearings on the tube itself rest on four saddle side bearings on the base. Two tension handles are then tightened on either side of the base. These should be screwed all the way in until there is some resistance in the tube’s forward / backward motion. You’re then ready to observe!

SCOPE SPECIFICATION: Primary Mirror Diameter: 150mm – Focal Length: 1200mm – Focal Ratio: F6 – Tube Length: 1120mm – Tube Weight: 7kg approx.

MOUNT SPECIFICATION: Dobsonian – Circular Base – Mount Weight: 12kg approx – Mount Height: 750mm – Mount Diameter: 510mm – Fixing: Moulded side bearings rest on 4 saddle side bearings. Two tension handles screwed into place

ASSEMBLED: Total Weight: 19kg approx. – Total Max Height: 1300mm – Max Eyepiece above ground level height: 1170mm – Assembly Time: < 2 minutes

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE HIRE: Telescope Tube, Telescope Mount, Set Up Instructions, How to Use Instructions, 2 x Eyepieces (25mm and 10mm),  1 x 6×30 finderscope, sky notes for the month including information on the best objects to view and how to find them.



Collect From the Pavilion Exmoor National Park Centre at Lynmouth, North Devon:  £25.00 for first night, £10 per night for subsequent nights.


Payment for telescope hire is made over the counter at the Exmoor National Park Centre in Lynmouth. Cash, credit and debit cards accepted.

Security Deposit: An additional £100 security deposit will be required in addition to the payment. The deposit will be returned in full on safe return of the telescope.