8.5″ Newtonian Reflector

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#3 - 215mm_8.5"_Newt8.5" Newtonian Reflector TelescopeToddington, Bedfordshire8.5" (215mm)7 Nights from £40.00

8.5″ Newtonian Reflector F5






The 8.5″ Newtonian Reflector is a versatile and reliable telescope for visual astronomy. It is easy to handle and assembles within minutes. The tube and mount combination weighs just 17kg, so it is light enough to pick up and carry as an assembled piece, making it easy for you to get the best views of the sky.

This telescope will reveal intricate detail in Jupiter’s cloud bands, markings on the surface of Mars, the ghostly smoke ring of M57 the Ring Nebula, breathtaking ribbons of twisted light inside M42 the Orion Nebula, and  countless other planetary and deep sky objects. At a recent outreach event users of this telescope said that it gave them some of the best views they’d seen that evening of open star clusters and double stars.

The picture to right shows how the telescope is set up for observing. It is assembled from two parts: the telescope tube, which weighs 8kg, and the metal alt-azimuth mount complete with counter weights, which weighs 9kg.

Attaching the tube to the mount is easy. The ring cradle encircling the tube contains threaded metal rods. The rods slide through the horizontal openings on the head of the mount, and are secured by threading on two knurled knobs. Once attached the tube needs to be balanced in the ring cradle to ensure it is stable on the stand.

Balancing is straightforward. You simply loosen the ring cradle using the two smaller knurled knobs on the cradle itself, and gently slide the tube up or down to get a firm balance. Once there the cradle is again tightened.

SCOPE SPECIFICATION: Primary Mirror Diameter: 215mm – Focal Length: 1075mm – Focal Ratio: F5 – Tube Length: 1010mm – Tube Weight: 8kg approx.

MOUNT SPECIFICATION: Alt-Azimuth with counter weight – Mount Weight: 9kg approx – Mount Height: 970mm – Max mount width: 690mm – Fixing: Threaded metal rods slide through the horizontal spaces at the top of the mount and are secured by 2 x knurled knobs.

ASSEMBLED: Total Weight: 17kg approx. – Total Max Height: 1580mm – Max Eyepiece above ground level height: 1420mm – Assembly Time: < 4 minutes

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE HIRE: Telescope Tube, Telescope Mount, Set Up & How to Use Instructions, 2 x Eyepieces (25mm and 10mm), 1 x 6×30 finderscope, stargazing guides


Option 1: You Pick Up and You Return Scope: £40.00

Option 2: We Deliver and You Return Scope: £55.00

Option 3: You Pick Up and We Collect Scope: £55.00

Option 4:  We Deliver and We Collect Scope: £70.00


Option 1: You Pick Up and You Return Scope: £55.00

Option 2: We Deliver and You Return Scope: £70.00

Option 3: You Pick Up and We Collect Scope: £70.00

Option 4:  We Deliver and We Collect Scope: £85.00

 3 & 4 week hire prices available on request.

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